Founder & Executive Director

The November 2018 Camp Fire destroyed 18,000 structures, killed 86 people and left 42,000 people homeless and jobless in a 24-hour timeframe.  But it wasn’t the charred landscape that left Alyssa, a single mother of three young children, devastated. It was watching so many elderly and underinsured individuals forced to live in tents and cars after losing everything. Her tragic experience of losing her own home in a wildfire 11 years ago inspired her to do more. Alyssa, who had no construction experience and works a full-time job, was called to build and give away tiny homes. She began researching and watching YouTube videos on how to build tiny homes. She personally built and funded the first tiny home in January 2019 and gifted it to a survivor and her daughter two months later.  Since then, she has helped another 20 families by bringing together individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and faith-based groups to volunteer and donate. There are still more than 500 families in dire need on her wait list.

By creating the Tiny Pine Foundation. Alyssa hopes to continue to expand her mission to give back to communities in need through a variety of projects and partnerships.

Board of Directors




After the Camp Fire, Benita became involved in the Adopt a Family efforts, helping individual families with basic needs, and donating printing for businesses trying to get back on their feet. She learned about the Tiny Home project, volunteered a few days at the build site, and was hooked! She has assisted Lipp Studios with behind-the-scenes work for their upcoming documentary about Tiny Homes for Camp Fire Survivors, and helped with this web site.

Benita is a self-employed graphic designer. She and her husband have a sawmill they use to make lumber for the tiny homes from trees that would otherwise be disposed of. Benita is also involved with various non-profit organizations in Amador County, California, where she lives. She finds it very fulfilling to give directly to those in need.




Lisa was in Europe when the Camp Fire erupted, and became involved in the Adopt a Family effort. Upon her return, she assisted hundreds of survivors at the Chico shelter, and is still friendly with many today.  Lisa and her husband donated their own motorhome to a survivor couple until permanent housing could be found. Lisa acquired donated cars and trailers and found places for the survivors to park their newfound homes. That’s how Lisa met Alyssa and learned about the Tiny Home project. Lisa has organized many salsa fundraisers for Tiny Homes. She was the executive producer of “After Burn”, a documentary about the Camp Fire by Jerry Jensen. 


Lisa is a Sacramento-based stenographic court reporter and a perfect fit for secretary of the Tiny Pine Foundation.




Born and raised in California and now a recent resident of Arizona, Lacey fell in love with nonprofits 20 years ago. Inspired by homeless shelter pets, she worked closely with PAL Humane Society and Barstow Humane Society in fundraising, day-to-day kennel operations and fostering adoptable dogs and cats. In 2018, she learned about the need for affordable housing options for survivors of the Camp Fire in Butte County, CA. In May 2019, she met Alyssa Nolan-Cain and quickly knew that the vision for affordable housing was a greater need than most realized. Lacey's passion to help find a solution evolved into volunteering at the Tiny Home build site and leading fundraising campaigns. Lacey believes that every human deserves to have a safe place to lay their head at night and call home. In her spare time you can usually find her watching football with her husband or near any body of water where she can enjoy her 2 adult daughters, fur kids and friends and family.



Board Member

Loni built her career with the U.S. Forest Service in Administrative and Financial Management. For 40 years, she has worked on Federal Incident Management Teams all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico, responding to wildland fires, hurricanes and floods. Loni gained a wide breadth of experience and learned great compassion for the many people she has served over the years. She volunteered with the Oroville Hope Center right after the Camp Fire in November 2018. She and her husband have assisted numerous people in the Paradise and Concow areas since the fire. She is honored to be a part of the Board of Directors for the Tiny Pine Foundation.


Board Member


Sara graduated from CSU Chico in 2002 with a B.A. is Kinesiology and a minor in Business Management.  As a resident of Paradise during the devastating 2018 Camp Fire, Sara deeply feels the Tiny Pine Foundation’s mission of providing housing and disaster relief to those affected by wildfires. Sara met Alyssa through her time volunteering after both the Camp Fire and Bear Fire.  She is humbled and blessed to become an official board member in 2021.  

Sara is an office manager and bookkeeper for a local architecture and engineering firm.  She is excited to be a part of giving back to the community that she has called home for over 20 years.  In Sara’s off-time she can be found in the gym, outside enjoying all of the beauty that Butte County has to offer, or traveling with her friends. 


Board Member


Carly comes to Tiny Pine Foundation with a wealth of experience in various sectors. She has a heart for those who are hurting, in transition, and those who could use a hand up. Carly worked for Caring for Women and found fulfillment in meeting the clients' needs right where they were. Some of the gifts and talents that Carly brings to the table are a willingness to help those in whatever capacity she can, as well as being a needed shoulder to cry on when life's situations seem to be too much, and she is always available to pray for those in need. Carly has volunteered with us on multiple disaster relief distributions and works behind the scenes to ensure that survivors' needs are being met. We are looking forward to Carly's bright countenance being the face of our outlet store.



Board Member

Michelle's support of the homeless community started in 1985 as a board member for Hamilton Families. For 25 years, she has organized a Mother's Day Brunch for moms experiencing homelessness. Michelle has also been mentoring a young woman who, after being homeless for 18 years, has recently published a book entitled "Trapped in the Homeless Hustle"


After the Camp Fire, Michelle traveled to Paradise and Oroville to deliver meals and supplies and joined the Adopt a Family efforts. She heard about what Alyssa was starting and stopped by the job site to deliver a couple of lasagnas. She was so moved and inspired that she purchased a few of the things Alyssa needed and has supported Tiny Pine ever since.  

Professionally, Michelle has spent over 25 years as a management and marketing consultant focused on Fortune 500 companies and their executive leadership. She is currently co-producing, with her husband, an online cooking series called "Dads That Cook."